One third of food produced is wasted

1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year

Yearly CO2 emissions from food waste is equivalent to that of 3 million cars

Food waste equals 1 trillion dollars in losses, annually

With Karma, over 284 tonnes of food has been rescued, instead of ending up in the bin.

How? By giving restaurants, cafes and grocery stores the opportunity to sell their surplus food on Karma’s app to users, at half price.

Photographer: Björn Enström/Scandic

"Globally, a third of all the food we grow is not eaten. This flaw in today’s food system takes an enormous toll on the planet. We need to think and act differently. EAT supports and encourages companies like Karma that create innovative ways for people and businesses to ensure healthy food is produced and consumed — and reduce waste and losses along the supply chain."

Gunhild Stordalen
Founder & President, EAT Foundation

"We are committed to driving a positive change and we know that the best way to do this is by working together with others who share our ambition. Electrolux is continuously exploring solutions that drives a better and more sustainable living and we’re excited to support Karma.”

Jonas Samuelson
President & CEO, Electrolux

2000 retailers sell their surplus food in Karma

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10 billion tonnes of food is produced annually – 1/3 of it is wasted

  • Europe is responsible for 11 millions tonnes of food waste annually.
  • 30% of food waste comes directly from retailers, like restaurants and cafes.
  • In Sweden, 1.2 million tonnes of wasted food creates 3 billion tonnes of CO2 every year.
  • Food waste has increased by 204% since 1960 and 50% since 1990.

The overproduction:

The waste is a trillion dollar economic problem with serious environmental global issues.

  • 20% of dairy products are wasted.
  • 35% of fish and seafood are wasted.
  • 45% of fresh produce vegetables are wasted.
  • 20% of meat products are wasted.
  • The average European wastes 173kg of food every year.
  • The average household throws away £1800 in food annually.

As long there is food waste, there has to be a solution

It’s challenging for businesses to estimate the daily or weekly consumption patterns of their customers. As long as the industry has waste, we need to join together to act smarter and more resourcefully. 

With Karma, it’s easy for businesses to maximize resources, while making a profit.

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